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We are so glad you made it. Sit down. Relax. Let us pour you a little break from reality as you let the good vibes flow at Clarity Cafe. Each week in your favorite sip-sized self-improvement podcast we’ll connect and share all our feels and fears, so together, we can learn to sip and savor this amazingly messy thing called life. So come on in, leave your baggage at the door and we can let it all go.


– Love Cali and Barb


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Your fav sip-sized self-improvement podcast has all the feels mixed in with a ton of fun. Dropping new episodes every week on Wednesdays, you’re in for a regular tea time treat. We love to laugh, learn and lament on everything life throws at us. With simple sip-sized segments, this easy to digest podcast format is for everyone.

So aside from some good ol’ advice, we’ll be sure to slip in some food for your soul, a bunch of self-care wellbeing tips and tricks and even some guided mindfulness meditations. So sit down and sip up some of our favorite featured podcast episodes below ?

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“Finally! Finally! A spiritual, emotional and physical conversation I can understand!”


“These gals make me laugh, cry, and everything in between. It's like listening to me and my friends talk and figure sh*t out.”


“The first time I listened I was hooked. It's really helping me understand how to deal with all my daily emotions.”


"Woah, thanks Cali & Barb - learned how to properly ground myself, it's changed my life."


“Episode 9 was a much needed reminder that I shouldn’t feel guilty about self care ever! Thank you Barb!”

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LOVE our Clarity Community.

…and nothing makes us happier than hearing from y’all directly. So please drop us a note and let us know if we are doing a good job of being the best self -improvement podcast we can possibly be… for you. Tell us anything you fancy. Maybe you want to hear more funny stories from Barb? Was that self-care Community Map tool really helpful? Wanna hear more episodes from Cali where she helps you through a tricky situ with some guided mindfulness meditation techniques? Let us know and we got you xoxox

“Learn to give yourself one little moment of clarity a day. However small it may seem, eventually it will replace those nagging negative thought patterns and lead to a healthier, happier you.”

– Cali

Collabs With Cool Peeps Like Cali

Our very own cool as a cucumber host Cali is also the gal behind the life changing Chill Mindset phenomenon that’s hitting the airwaves every week in the “A little Bit Of Chill Podcast.” So hop on over and check it out, friends. Find your chill and start your journey toward a healthier happier you. You will enjoy a whole bunch of juicy tools and exercises like guided mindfulness meditations and so much more to really get the wheels of change going. This is the only self-improvement podcast that is on our go-to list on the regular. We are stronger together peeps…

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