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We are Clarity Cafe...dropping off those positive podcast vibes every Wednesday

Clarity Cafe is our little sip of sanity in this otherwise cool but crazy world. A judgment free, no fluff, no BS kind of place where we can all hang. We’ll converse, connect and help care for each other. Just a bunch of friends spilling the tea on all those juicy emotions, triggers, personal journeys and mundane day-to-day sh*t – whatever gets under our skin to throw us off center, out of whack and on our way to crying a river in the bathroom at work. We got ya’ll.

Our hosts Cali and Barb and their special guests will tackle topics around self care, our relationship with the foods we eat, good triggers vs bad triggers, how to find a support community and so much more with a lot of laughs, some stories, anecdotes, tips, tricks & tools to help us balance this lil thing called life.

Life Is Messy, Real, Raw & Rockin

We’ll take that everyday shot of real-life BS and balance it out with 1 part mindfulness, 1 part motivation, finished off with the soft creaminess that is humanness. Sippin’ in every single bitter free shot sized 20 minute episode. Life is messy, real, raw and rockin’. So grab a Laugh-o-Chino and enjoy the ride with us in the Clarity Café Podcast. We hope you enjoy our positive podcast and all our juicy content. We promise to keep it fresh, fun and above all else helpful for you. Please know that we always welcome hearing from you and encourage you to submit to us any comments, concerns, or even issues you may be working through.

We will do our best to respond and help in any way we can. Also any likes, shares and subscribes are an added bonus and greatly appreciated. If you like us please spread the word. In the meantime, we highly recommend you check out our partner podcasts “A Little Bit of Chill” – a podcast to help you find your ‘chill in life’ and work you into a new mindset and “The BioReset Podcast” – a thoughtful perspective on medicine, science, healing and biohacking. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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