Episode 16: Communication: It’s Not What You’re Saying, It’s How You’re Saying It

The Clarity Cafe Podcast

Now that Episode 15 has got us thinking and talking about our communities, it’s only natural we segue into how we’re communicating with the people around us. Or as Barb and Cali put it, “It’s not what you’re saying, it’s how.” Are you stressed out? Feeling triggered? We’ve got news for you, it’s no secret. Our emotional state easily seeps into our communications with everyone, from transactional conversations with the Starbucks barista to long chats with loved ones. How can we more healthily deal with our day and our feelings before they bleed into our interactions? Cali and Barb give us ideas on how to be present, be aware, and listen so we can be more effective communicators. And a nice side benefit of being a stellar communicator? Not experiencing those all-too-familiar aftershocks of regret about conversations where everything we said seemed to come out wrong.