Episode 17 : Checking In With Your Five-Year Old Self

The Clarity Cafe Podcast

In this episode, Cali and Barb dive deeper into mindset and the super cool idea of cognitive reframing. Episode 17 is all about how we can reframe our mindset around people, places, and events from our past, so we can more fully accept the nature of things as they are now in the present. If you ever find yourself routinely triggered by something, ask yourself, is this based on something happening right now, or is it bringing up an experience from my past that maybe I haven’t totally dealt with yet? Changing your mindset around those triggers might just open up a whole new perspective and a slew of positive possibilities. And listen in for a chance to take advantage of free Chill Mindset tools through Clarity’s friends and partners over at www.ALittleBitofChill.com You’ll be seeing the world through a whole new lens in no time.