Episode 21: Stop Shoulding On Yourself

The Clarity Cafe Podcast

Be honest, are you “shoulding” yourself? Are you like many of us who spend way too much time telling ourselves what we should do rather than what we authentically want to do. We can get a case of the “shoulds” about everything, from minor choices— “I should wear this boring outfit over the one that I really love (heart emoji) because it’s more age-appropriate”—to major life decisions— “I really want to take a year off to travel but I should go right to work after college.” In this episode, Cali and Barb get into “shoulding” territory by helping us shift our mindset so we can recognize when we’re only doing something because we think it’s what’s expected of us. They help to decipher the difference between doing something out of obligation or out of a sense of service, and they lovingly help us remove the heavy judgment that always seems to accompany a “should”. Listen in and get some clarity on how to leave the “shoulds” behind, and find the beauty in making choices based on the present moment.