Episode 33 : Give Space for People to Work Things Out on Their Own

The Clarity Cafe Podcast

Your friend has a problem. A real problem. And you’ve gone through the exact same thing! Every single cell in your body wants to tell them what they should do, how they should handle it, and how they can avoid the mistakes you made. After all, they’re your friend and you want to help. The intention is sooo good. But… and there is a but… sometimes you need to let people go through things their own way. Everyone needs to learn their own life lessons in whatever way is unique to them and their experiences. That instinct to dive in and immerse your loved one in what you believe is the answer to their problems is lovely. However, sometimes the best way you can support someone is by listening with neutrality, asking permission before sharing your similar situation, and then allowing them to take responsibility for their own choices. Sound impossible? It’s not! Listen in and find out how you can do it!