Episode 36 : The Voices at Your Mind’s Table

The Clarity Cafe Podcast

Have you ever thought about which voice in your mind you give the microphone to? We all have a cacophony of voices in our brain fighting to be heard and acknowledged, but have you ever wondered which ones are the most dominant? Is it that 5-year-old who’s loud and opinionated, but maybe lacks the perspective of someone older and more experienced? Is your inner skeptic’s volume turned up to 11? In the season three finale episode of Clarity Cafe, Barb and Cali discuss how we can all learn and practice curating the voices in our head in order to raise the volume on the more positive ones, and quiet the ones that amplify our self-doubt, anxiety, and so on. This is a super juicy and helpful episode for anyone who wants to cultivate an inner voice that serves them better.