Episode 41: Giving Authentic Compliments

The Clarity Cafe Podcast

We seem to have lots to say about things we don’t do so well, but how often do we stop, acknowledge, and compliment ourselves and each other for the things we are doing well? Sadly, it’s probably not as often as it should be. No worries tho Fam, that’s exactly why we have dedicated this episode to taking the time to inventory and acknowledge the things we do well… and do right! That way we can practice truly admiring ourselves and each other in more genuine and loving ways. For the record, we don’t mean throwing around those flippant kind of compliments. We are talking about authentic compliments – the heartfelt ones that make us feel good, and the world a little better place to live in for each other. So give this episode a whirl, get to know the difference between authentic and inauthentic compliments and why not drop us a little compliment in a podcast review section while you’re at it 🙂