Episode 42: Learning to Handle Unreasonable Requests

The Clarity Cafe Podcast

Perspective & Priorities Fam. Yup, we are throwing out the double “P’s”  in this useful little episode that is all about how we can be more “large and in charge” of the (unreasonable?!?) requests being thrown at us on the regular. It’s a fact that life can get a bit overwhelming sometimes, and when we think we’ve finally gotten stuff sorted…someone (or something!) comes along and piles even more on our plates! Or worse yet, we set unrealistic expectations for ourselves thinking we can do more than we can! These situations can be uncomfortable and just downright overwhelming. So, let’s flip the script on this already and chat for a hot minute about how to remedy these stressors and find a solution that best suits everyone involved. Don’t get us wrong…sometimes we need to grind to get things done, but it’s not always 100% necessary. And in those instances, it’s okay to just. say…. NO. Take a listen, learn and grow with us this week and make sure to check out our socials @ClarityCafePodcast.