Episode 44: Healing From Trunk Sized Emotional Baggage

The Clarity Cafe Podcast

We talked about small and medium baggage in Season 1 and now, true to our promise, we are finally ready to take on the big mama of baggage in Season 4! Let’s face it, baggage is scary and the bigger stuff is even scarier. Sometimes it’s invisible, but sometimes, when we least expect it, we look back in our rearview mirror and it’s right there blocking our view! Look, nobody is saying we need to face this monster head-on, or even alone for that matter… but rather, let’s take it in small steps…chipping away at it like a block of ice. And know that if you work hard at identifying the triggers and dealing with them, that ice will eventually melt away. We always believe in you, Clarity Fam, and in this episode, we have a feeling you’ll be one step closer to your best self. Leave us a review and let us know how we’re doing!