Episode 45: Developing a Learning & Loving Mindset

The Clarity Cafe Podcast

Welcome to a very special episode that’s all about…L O V E! And we’re not talking about love for your fam, friends, or pets, but the most important person…Y O U! Come with us as we explore how to cultivate a learning and loving mindset that allows you to grow and change as your heart and mind do. 

It’s easy to slip into being hard on ourselves, overly self-critical and straight-up mean in the way we talk to ourselves. The thing is, you and your inner child deserve to be spoken to with kindness and compassion! You may be older now and we know you’ve experienced a ton that makes you feel like you shouldn’t mess up anymore… but making mistakes is part of being human, and your inner child is still in there begging to be loved no matter what! So take a little listen and share this episode with a friend to spread the self-loveee <3