Episode 47: Put Self-Care First!

The Clarity Cafe Podcast

Join us on this episode where Cali & Barb talk through how YOU CAN MAKE SELF-CARE A PRIORITY in your life and how to avoid the pitfalls of forgetting to give it to yourself daily Spend a quick 20 minutes as they share wisdom and experience on how to build more resilient and sticky self-care habits, get more out of the practice while giving you some new ideas to work with.

Self-care is how we keep our batteries charged and maintain a healthy perspective on our lives. Self-care is something that builds us up and when we run into a deficit of it, our lives slowly become draining and eventually overwhelming as we try to battle through losing our sense of wellness. 

Remember no one else may notice if you skip that yoga class, take time to read a book, or take that walk in the sunshine… but your body, mind, and spirit will definitely experience the lack of time being invested in your personal sense of wellbeing.