Episode 49: Decluttering Your Headspace

The Clarity Cafe Podcast

What better way to jump into Spring AND Season 5 than taking a minute to dig in and declutter our lives first!!!!

We don’t mean declutter in the literal sense, like cleaning out your car or closet; we mean the important stuff, the oh-so juicy mental and emotional feels!? In much the same way, decluttering mentally and emotionally allows us to let go of old things hanging around our headspace, negative people, shame & guilt, or whatever is living rent-free in our head, and bring us into the present moment. Only then can we have clear space from which to create the next moment of our life.

But first, Cali and Barb are here to help you break down the attachment to those little houseguests in your head because sometimes that attachment can be super strong and we have to be ready to ask if they are worthy of your mental and emotional energy anymore.