Episode 50: Going For What You Want in Life

The Clarity Cafe Podcast

This week we are feeling the EMPOWERED VIBES because our topic is all about putting yourself out there and really going for what you want in life!

Yes, it’s big, juicy and we love it! But to make it a little bit more digestible and actionable for you, we are going to focus on one small (but super important!!!) piece of it in this episode. The very first step to getting what you want in life…which is figuring out what it is you actually “want” to go get!

So get ready, pull up those bootstraps, and learn some valuable self-development tools so you can start asking yourselves the right kinds of questions to figure out what you might be missing from your life now. Then get some clarity (no pun intended) and perspective on what it is that you actually want in life! Finally… go get it, Fam… that is…right after you’ve got the latest episode downloaded here 😉