Episode 52: Be Your Own Health Advocate

The Clarity Cafe Podcast

We are dropping the facts this week on Clarity Cafe! Starting with this little doozie…that nothing, and we mean NOTHING, is more important than your health Fam! Unfortunately for us… it’s usually the thing we neglect the most… ugh, right?

Well, it’s a good job we are rolling up this week to give you a special promotion, to appoint you as CEO of your own health from this point forward. Yup, this episode teaches us to be large and in charge of our lives and bodies and reminds us that everyone else is just a consultant. If they are one of the good ones, they will improve your health, and if they gaslight you or don’t give you the answers you’re looking for… move on.

Don’t stop until you get what YOU need. Congratulations on your promotion in this episode.