Episode 53: Expectations vs. Agreements

The Clarity Cafe Podcast

Unreasonable expectations! We all got ’em. Sometimes we expect too much of ourselves, sometimes we place all those expectations on others, sometimes our expectations create limiting beliefs and sometimes we get caught up doing a little of all of them!

Whatever “expectation” jam you are in, don’t worry Clarity Fam, because in this week’s episode we are going to take a little sip and savor how to best manage our expectations based on the reality of the situation.

So let’s dig in and begin this exploration of expectations – our own expectations, what to do with them, and how to sort and manage them. And let’s not also forget how to manage and handle other people’s expectations of us too!

At the end of this episode, we are defo gonna walk away with some clarity on expectations, which in turn will hopefully take a lil’ pressure off, because let’s be honest here…. expectations can cause a lot of undue stress. 

Oh and this topic is a special listener request! So shout out for requesting it, thank you very much.