Episode 56: Work Burnout! How to Find that Work / Life Balance Again!

The Clarity Cafe Podcast

Burn baby burn! Until we BURNOUT that is! Today’s episode is a topic we all can relate to. The dreaded work burnout… and what a freakin topic and a half it is, right? Why does it feel like we got back from the great pause and boom! Work commitments accelerated like mad and there we are driving full speed down burnout road, where the only thing that will stop us is a brick wall!

Hang on tho, there is no way we are going to let our Clarity Fam take that kind of a road trip! So phew, take a breath and settle in a minute. This episode is here to force us to slow down and think. A reminder that although we all have a tendency to push ourselves a little bit too far day after day, we can’t forget to take time out to take care of ourselves. Our lives really do depend on it.