Episode 58: Flowers: A Metaphor For Our Lives

The Clarity Cafe Podcast

What a sweet-smelling episode we have for you this week Clarity Fam! (Yup, we said smelling not sounding!) because this week we want ya’ll to wake up and smell the roses!

Yes! We are over here literally talking about flowers! Well, we are really talking about how flowers are a wonderfully beautiful metaphor for our lives and our evolution as human beings 🙂 Just as flowers blossom from a tiny bud, flowering into something beautiful, we too grow and thrive in all our health and beauty at different times throughout our lives. And just like flowers, no two moments are the same. No two relationships are the same. Not even two of our lives are ever the same.

There is something so powerful in drawing all these amazing parallels between flowers and ourselves that is just too good not to make your heart melt thinking about it next time you see your favorite flower. So enjoy this episode. We know we did.