Cali's Bio

Cali garnered her unique perspective on life growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area in multicultural neighborhoods and thrust into adult environments. Early on, she learned she had to connect with her intuition and the world around her, quickly nurturing her emotional intelligence, and connecting to a hyper-sensitivity to the people and situations around her. Her success and survival fueled her motivation to look at the deeper meaning of life, think philosophically, and explore herself further, eventually leading her to the practice of active meditation.

Having learned to harness the principles of what she’s now dubbed “Mindset Hacking” in her 20’s – namely by acquiring the tools needed to reduce the intensity and suspend often overwhelming external emotions – Cali founded an international meditation practice and school where she helped scores of others clarify and navigate all of the intuitive information that comes at all of us in daily life. Individuals across a kaleidoscope of backgrounds from all over the world benefited in both their personal and professional lives.

Her success with business leaders in this endeavor spurned new ideas and new growth. After completing her MBA in International Business, Cali spearheaded innovations in the digital health space for startups, $20B+ tech companies, and continued her pursuit of teaching others about Mindset Hacking via her own growing holistic mindset health platforms.

Today, Cali continues her commitment to helping those around her better themselves. You can find her and many cool Mindset tools, tricks, tips, and seminars that help connect people back to themselves and their truth at Cali can also be found through various other publications, audiobooks, online courses, social media accounts and more. She’s rockin’ and ready to help you unpack all those juicy feels and finally get you living the life you really want to live.