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Hello Friends, so you made it to our Podcast library.
We hope you stay a while, poke around, take a sip and see
what you like. For our new Clarity Community, we’ve been described
as one part self-help podcast, one part motivational podcast
with a whole lotta laughs and love rolled in. Mostly though,
we are here for our Clarity Community to provide a safe, judgment-
free place that gives us all a little break from reality as we
process this crazy beautiful thing called life, so we can all
come out the other side of this ride a little
healthier and happier.

Latest Episodes

Barb & Cali's Fav Episodes

barb's fav episode

Hi friends, one of my favorite self-help podcast episodes, hands down, is Season 1 Episode 9 “Why Self-Care Isn’t Selfish.” Not only do I get this question all the time, I myself took a lifetime figuring out how important self-care is, not just for me, but for all of the relationships in my life. Bottom line is… self-care isn’t selfish, not now or ever. Give yourself the time and opportunity to fill your own cup so that it’s overflowing enough to give back to others in even more beautiful, supportive ways. So please take a listen as a little reminder to be kind to yourself today. You’re doing everything you can for everyone else. Don’t forget about you xoxox


Clarity Fam, you just have to check out one of my favorite podcasts that we recorded. It’s a super motivational podcast that helps you to build a resilient mind! It’s really special to me as I’ve definitely been caught in my fair share of downward spirals, feeling stuck in a rut and just plain negative Jane. These tips and tricks I learned along the way really helped me turn my mindset around. This little motivational podcast is all about how to build a more open, resilient mindset and how that can change your daily experiences. Changing what we feed our minds, from worry and fears to calmness and self love, has the power to transform our daily experiences. So give it a whirl and let us know what you think ?